Commercial Real Estate Loan Software

Sam System Design, User Experience Design

Application integrates a unique CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system by providing an internal company network allowing staff to securely share documents and customer information to only the right people. The application synchronizes a customer’s contact and loan information, as well as other applicable documents, for quick and easy access. The system is capable of managing hundreds of thousands of contacts and deals. Worked with their employees and …

Private Matchmaking Site

Sam System Design

A privately run dating organization was in need of a web based program to manage their organization and singles. They were working off a very simple Microsoft Access program that only allowed for one administrators input and was restricted to one device. The program was designed with matchmaker logins, administrator access and the ability for singles to access and update their own profile while keeping …

Bidding App Design

Sam System Design, User Experience Design

A client with a startup business idea was in need of a business and technical advisor and system designer to take their idea to the next level. Worked with clients to form their full business and software plan including revenue sources and marketing strategies. A unique wholesale ordering, double blind bidding system was invented, speced out and an initial user experience design was created.