Cheapest cell phone number services to park a rarely used number

  1. Google Voice – $20 one-time fee. You will need to have another landline or cell phone number connected in order to use Google Voice.
    • Pros: Online interface and mobile app. No calling or sms fees, just a fee to transfer an existing number.
    • Cons: Need another number connected and some VOIP service phone numbers will not work as that connected forwarding number.
    • Other info: Need a Gmail account to use. Not free for Google Business accounts. Only for the US.
  2. Voip.ms – $0.85 per month fee plus pay per minute for calls. You can set up call and sms forwarding to any other number.
    • Pros: Cheapest monthly option.
    • Cons: No app or easy-to-use web interface. Need to be a bit tech-savvy to set up. Need to go through verification to enable SMS.
  3. NumberBarn.com – $5 Port in fee. $2 per month to park a phone number. $6 per month for call forwarding.
    • Pros: easy setup, mobile app, and online interface for sms.
    • Cons: Parking plan only allows for setting a message when people call, no call forwarding or voicemail, may not be able to port number to google voice from Number Barn.
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