There’s a reason you’re looking for a new web team.​

Let’s face it: You need a development team that delivers. That takes deadlines seriously. that you'll never spend more time chasing than actually using the website they built for you.

Every day without a functioning site is money lost. We'll take your vision and run with it (fast), so that you can go forth and crush your goals.

It’s time to invest in results.

You need a reliable team of web developers and digital marketers who can take your vision and run with it, producing reliable results on time and on budget.

We’re that team.

We collaborate with you to:

  • Continually optimize your website to drive more revenue.
  • Design new websites,  landing pages, and custom features.
  • Create automations that save you time and money.
  • Keep your website running fast and bug-free.
  • Drive new revenue your way.

All with transparent, simple communication that simplifies the process throughout.

Start your website design and strategy today; and grow your business faster.

Ready to collaborate and join the digital big leagues?

Our Core Services

Website Revamp

Like all good real estate, successful websites need a facelift to stay relevant.

A website rebuild respects a brand’s solid bones, clarifying messaging, adding and improving automations that free up employees, upgrading features to match the new ways or technologies visitors use to interact with the site, and retooling reach and conversion tools to increase the amount of visitors that turn into a customer, increase the average purchase amount and lifetime value of customers.

Technology Partner Retainer

Creating a website is just a start. As your technology partner, we harness your website’s potential to supercharge sales and operational efficiency.

Not only do we improve your site’s visibility and online ranking, but we also improve your customers’ experience. Our proven methods increase conversion rates, lower cart abandonment, and increase average order values, all while making your processes more efficient and less labor-intensive. And as our partner, you get a dedicated on-call IT team that’s there to help renovate and upgrade your systems to match the growth our strategies create.

Nonprofit Retainers

Many nonprofits miss out by viewing their website as a brochure with a donation form instead of as a key element of their organization.

We see a nonprofit’s website as a potential star employee capable of freeing up an organization's time and resources. Our nonprofit retainer service optimizes existing services on a site and automates time drains like email follow-ups and event ticketing. Stop shipping elements like donor match campaigns to 3rd-party commission platforms that eat away at funds. Make your site your partner in the good work you do.

Marketing Partner Services

Get the most out of existing customers and drive up revenue. Our experienced team understands the numbers and analytics generated by your site and uses the data to create ads and online marketing strategies that pay off in a big way.

We’re confident in our ability to supercharge your business, saving you time through automation and making you money with strategic, proven techniques. Try us out as a retainer or partner with us as stakeholders. Either way, we’ll make sure you win.

Website Design & Development

Custom Shopify Development

Our team works on stores doing over $25,000/day. We make standard updates, custom themes, custom coding, and apps. Our process includes ongoing backups to Gitlab, so you can rest easy knowing that updates won't bring your site down. Working with us, you'll also get a Shopify Saas tech stack that works best for you.

Wordpress websites and landing pages

Working with My Custom Software on your WordPress site can literally save you thousands of dollars. We pay for developer licenses for the top plugins, including Astra, Gravity Forms, Elementor, and dozens more, plus our default installations come with daily backups and tons of extra prepaid tools.