Maximize Donations with Recover Fees for Gravity Forms

Are you tired of transaction fees eating into your fundraising efforts? Introducing Recover Fee, the free addon for Gravity Forms that empowers donors and maximizes the impact of every donation.

What is Recover Fee?

Recover Fee is a game-changer for organizations running donation campaigns. It allows donors to cover transaction fees associated with their contributions, ensuring that more of their donation goes directly to supporting your cause.

Key Features:

  • Donor-Centric Option: Give your donors the choice to cover transaction fees on their donations.
  • Transparent Fee Calculation: Recover Fee calculates the exact fee amount, providing transparency to both you and your donors.
  • Flexible Parameters: Customize fee calculations on each form or through Gravity Forms’ global settings.
  • Seamless Integration: Compatible with Gravity Forms and popular payment gateways, making setup a breeze.

Why Choose Recover Fee?

  • Empower Your Donors: Show your donors that you value their contributions by giving them control over where their money goes.
  • Maximize Impact: Ensure that more of each donation directly supports your cause.
  • Simple Setup: Setting up Recover Fee is easy and hassle-free.

Take Action Today!

Ready to enhance your fundraising efforts and empower your donors? Download Recover Fee for free and start maximizing your impact now!

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