Your nonprofit’s website should be your Employee of the Month, every month.

Your site is much more than a service bulletin board, a general donor portal, and a contact form rolled into one.

And if you’re using 3rd-party, commission-guzzling platforms for more “complicated” tasks like fundraising campaigns or event ticketing, then your site is operating far below its potential.

It’s time for a performance review.

MCS Nonprofit transforms your nonprofit website into a rockstar recruit.

With our systems, your website will be able to

  • Guide visitors to the right services
  • Increase awareness & donations
  • Run ads, campaigns, and drives
  • Highlight events & manage signups
  • Autonomously run outreach 

And more!

It’s time to get your site in shape.

Our Mission

MCS Non-Profit is a collection of software solutions implemented by a team of consultants, copywriters, designers, and developers that unifies and integrates all your fundraising and marketing efforts. 

MCS Non-Profit helps nonprofits raise more money with lower costs and fewer headaches by bringing the tools you need under one roof, creating seamless integrations, and implementing proven fundraising and donor engagement methods. 

Case Studies

Their Site Challenges: 

  • Tied up employees & volunteers
  • Was not intuitive for visitors 
  • Showed limited returns in donations and engagement

Our Solutions:

  • Automated their donor reach programs
  • Optimized their registration forms to increase signups
  • Moved their campaigns onto their website, eliminating third-party hosting fundraising fees (ex. Gofundme, Charidy) and allowing for greater campaign flexibility

Their Site Challenges: 

  • Difficult to navigate 
  • Attempted to meet too many audiences simultaneously
  • Not helping to grow their donor base OR their members

Our Solutions: 

  • Simplified the site flow
  • Revamped the wording to clearly & appropriately target each audience
  • Added unique display features for ergonomic interaction

How It Works

To get your site from slacker to model employee we

  • Restructure your site to fit your organization’s needs, building critical features like donor walls, internal search engines, & campaign platforms. We pay special attention to areas that can be automated, like crafting email sequences that build donor loyalty. 

  • Eliminate “complexity creep” by uniting and integrating all your spreadsheets, forms, mail services, & other tools directly into your site. 

  • Maintain the site so it runs efficiently year-round, especially during high-traffic times, like before a big event. 

  • Dedicate a team to your site IT,  ready to address any bugs, freezes, or glitches that pop up.

  • Consistently update and strategize marketing and features so your organization’s site is on top of current trends & innovations in the nonprofit space.

All for one flat monthly rate!

Dana Sicherman,MyZuzah
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“We had the most positive experience working with them. They are true professionals and went above and beyond for our website and marketing needs.”
Dovid MittelPTACH
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“It was an absolute pleasure working with Sam and his team. They brought their professional expertise to every aspect of our project and truly enhanced the whole experience. “Sam was in constant contact to ensure that we were comfortable with every detail and decision, and ultimately Sam presented us with our finished product- a true masterpiece... I had an amazing experience, and I am sure you will too.”

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