Set up mxroute with gmail and wordpress

Option 1: Get mail into gmail with POP3

Disadvantage: emails are only checked periodically so you wont get incoming mail instantly. You can manually have gmail check for new mail under your settings though.

Set up with gmail as a POP3 account – Under settings > Accounts and Import, go to “Check mail from other accounts:” section and click on “Add a mail account”.

POP Server: yoursever.mxrouting.net – replace “yourserver” with your designated mxroute server subdomain, you can find this in the url when you are logged in to your mail dashboard.
Port: 993
Username: your email address
Password: the passord you use to log in to the mail account on mxroute, not your mxroute login info.

SMTP for sending mail as:
Port: 465


IMAP PORTS: 993 (SSL), 143 (non-encrypted)
SMTP PORTS: 465 (SSL), 25 (non-encrypted), 587 (STARTTLS),
POP3 PORTS: 995 (SSL), 110 (non-encrypted)

Option 2: Have emails forwarded to gmail instead of POP3

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