App Specific Passwords in Google Workspace not eligable?

Why is my App-Specific Passwords feature disabled?

  1. You need to disable the Less Secure apps feature
  2. You must enable 2-step verification for your account
  3. Then you will unlock the App-Specific Passwords feature

How to enable App-Specific Passwords

Gmail accounts have an App-Specific Password feature instead of enabling the Less Secure apps feature for connecting 3rd party apps to your Gmail account.

  1. Go to https://myaccount.google.com/ and Login
  2. Click On Security
  3. Enable 2-Step Verification under Signing into Google
  4. Click App passwords (and sign in again)
  5. On the App Passwords screen use the drop-downs to select the usage (it doesn’t really matter what you choose)
  6. Click the GENERATE button.
  7. Your new password will be randomly generated and displayed on your screen.
  8. Save it somewhere safe as you only get to see this once and will need to generate a new one if you lose it.
  9. Use this new generated password in place of your regular gmail password when signing in with a Less Secure App.

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